Thursday, October 23, 2008

EastCoastLife giving away LG 60" Full HD Plasma TV

EastCoastLife giving away LG 60" Full HD Plasma TV

Contest type: Q & A / SNAIL-MAIL
Prizes: 1x SUPER 60" Full HD LG 1080P Plasma TV, 3x Mystery Prizes
Closing date: 25th October 2008
Others: Wooooot! Can you believe this? She's so nice to give away her BIG BIG HD TV!

How to win?
Ok, this abit complicated, so I emailed her some questions yesterday, and today I got answers!

Answer the 10 questions on her blog. You gotta search each post if you aren't a regular reader.
Write down the answers on an A4 paper (write legibly), and mail it to:

EastCoastLife/LG Contest
1 Coleman Street
#02-35 The Adelphi
Singapore 179803

*Important! If you want your mail to reach on time, be sure to send in before tomorrow, 4pm.

Include in the paper, your Full Name, ID number, Address, Contact Number and email. If you are a blogger, please give your nick and blog url. Winner will be notified by phone!

Increase your chance of winning by blogging about her contest, and linking to her. Every time you do that, you'll be rewarded with a duplicate copy of your entry form to enter for the draw. Maximum 5 times. (But how many times can you blog about it anyway?)

Q&A Time!
Me: Are there any alternatives to the submission of answers other than slow mail and personal delivery? Is it possible to submit by email?
She: I need entries in slow mail because I don't have time to print them out. And I'm doing a draw manually for transparency so I need the entries in paper form. Emails entries will be discarded.

Me: About the contest blogging, how many "entry" do I get for doing it?
She: On top of the entry a blogger sent in, every post he made about this contest, he gets his entry form copied once. So that means he gets an extra chance at winning.
(so if you blog it and dun send in anything, you still dun win! haha!)

Me: is one correct question equals to 1 "entry"? or is there a algorithm which is kept secret?
She: 10 correct answers on an A4 size white paper = one entry.

Does that answer your questions as well?

My comments
Prize’s Value: $10000!
Time Spent: 30 mins+
Winning rate: Low!

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